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You will find here and in the « what’s new in our app? » section, all the updates of our CMMS application and the new features that our users benefit from.

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Application updates

The CMMS Mobility Work is a software and a next-gen CMMS application. It works in SaaS mode and is available both in desktop and mobile versions accessible from any connected device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Our maintenance management platform evolves very regularly and is updated at least once a month. These updates take into account the feedback from our customers in order to best meet their needs. They allow us to improve the management of interventions, the monitoring of plant activity, the implementation of maintenance plans, information sharing options, etc. We guarantee visibility on our updates and allow our users to be involved, as we are committed to collecting their feedback, in order to offer a maintenance management tool that is always more efficient and easier to use.

Our CMMS solution is at the service of all the actors of maintenance, whatever their sector of activity: pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, cosmetics, plastics, food-processing, textile, transportation, energy, medical devices, sports installations, real estate maintenance, building and civil engineering, agriculture.

The Mobility Work application has been designed to be as easy to use as everyday applications, while integrating all the functionalities necessary for the implementation and follow-up of efficient maintenance plans, whether it is corrective, curative, preventive or predictive maintenance.

Thanks to our accessible and innovative CMMS solution, you can easily implement a maintenance strategy adapted to your company and needs, anticipate breakdowns, reduce machine and equipment downtime and thus improve their productivity while facilitating and optimizing the work of maintenance technicians.

Find summaries of the latest developments of our CMMS at the beginning of each month in a blog article but also in video with our Product Owner!