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Find here our articles about maintenance in the cosmetics sector and the benefits of using a next-gen CMMS in the cosmetics industry.


In the cosmetics sector, maintenance is a major issue due to the numerous standards that weigh on this industry. The implementation of an efficient and adapted CMMS has now become essential for companies in this sector in order to comply with the regulations in force while gaining in productivity.

The cosmetics industry is strongly export-oriented, which makes it subject to standards established by various national and international administrations. These standards are particularly strict because of the potential consequences of manufacturing defects on consumer health.

These standards apply not only to the manufacture of cosmetic products themselves but also to all associated processes. The maintenance of machines and industrial equipment is therefore concerned, both in its technical and sanitary aspects and in the traceability of interventions carried out by technicians, in particular by the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 standard for the American market.

To face all these constraints, cosmetics manufacturers have a strong interest in turning to a CMMS solution adapted to their sector to ensure a compliant and efficient maintenance management.

On the one hand, it must offer serious guarantees in terms of tracking of maintenance interventions, access rights and electronic signatures for each document used within the company, to ensure compliance with current standards.

On the other hand, it must give them the means to gain in productivity, by optimizing the work of maintenance operators but also by reducing the duration and frequency of production stops and by avoiding unforeseen breakdowns while promoting the respect of safety rules.

Finally, it must provide quick and easy audit trails in case of quality control by an external organization in order to obtain a certification or to verify the conformity of the plant and its processes to the standards that apply to its products.

You will find below information on maintenance in the cosmetics industry and its stakes, advice to choose the most adapted CMMS whatever the maintenance strategy, corrective, curative or preventive, that you apply. Also find testimonies of technicians and maintenance managers of the cosmetics sector who chose to adopt the Mobility Work application to optimize the maintenance management within their plant.

Our CMMS platform has met with growing success among maintenance professionals in the cosmetics industry, particularly because of its compliance with current standards in terms of managing confidentiality parameters, user access rights and electronic signatures. Available in desktop and mobile versions, Mobility Work is accessible from any connected device, which facilitates the work of maintenance technicians and encourages them to scrupulously respect the standards of document archiving and traceability of interventions. Its use does not require particular technical skills and allows you to easily follow the maintenance of each piece of equipment as well as the spare parts stocks and the good execution of the maintenance plans.