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CMMS software for the cosmetics industry

The implementation of an efficient CMMS solution has become essential for companies in the cosmetics industry in order to comply with current regulations while gaining in productivity.

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For companies in the cosmetics industry, the implementation of an efficient CMMS software has become essential with the multiplication and complexity of the standards that weigh on this sector. The production of cosmetics is indeed subject to numerous rules, enacted by the competent health authorities in each country. The cosmetics sector is strongly oriented towards exports and must therefore respect the standards of each market for which it produces.

In terms of maintenance, the most effective solution to meet these requirements is to adopt a CMMS solution capable of providing the most suitable tools for compliance with standards while promoting the competitiveness of the company. Compatible with the 21CFR11 standard of the American FDA, Mobility Work CMMS covers all the needs of the professionals of the cosmetic sector: make-up, care, hygiene, hair care, perfumery, bottling and filling, packaging…

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21 CFR part 11, issued by the FDA, describes very specifically the rules to be respected for the tracking, archiving and authentication of documents related to the maintenance of machines involved in the production of cosmetic products to be marketed in the United States. It requires strict and advanced management of access and user rights, logging of connections and accesses, and the definition of hierarchical schemes determining who is responsible for approving data on critical operations.

This is based on two main elements: the audit trail, which aims to keep a record of any action or modification that has occurred on the data or structure; and the electronic signature, which aims to certify critical information or documents and, if necessary, to comment on them.

The rules laid down by this standard have important consequences for maintenance management, which makes the use of an effective CMMS solution almost unavoidable. Mobility Work CMMS software, compatible with the 21CFR11 standard of the FDA, has advanced functions allowing to manage electronic signatures, in particular through various levels of approval, and to have access to the recording of all the maintenance actions carried out. In addition, all service reports, machine modifications and revisions are searchable and traceable.

To be compliant with FDA regulations, cosmetic companies must not only associate an audit trail with each digital document, but also be able to prove that audit trails cannot be altered or replaced, and that they are retained for the life of the documents.

An audit trail (or audit log) is a chronological record relevant to IT security whose purpose is to safeguard actions, a set of records and/or the source or destination of a collection of documents providing documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that may have affected a specific transaction, procedure or event at any time.

In addition to two-factor authentication and SSO or SAML login procedures, Mobility Work CMMS provides a complete audit trail procedure for Ultimate Plan Administrator users. The audit trail aims at tracing the information concerning any action occurring on your network (account concerned, nature and time of the activity).

Mobility Work CMMS meets these requirements and keeps a trace of all the actions carried out on the documents related to maintenance for 10 years. Moreover, in case of control by an external authority, the company can obtain, in only 72 hours, the audit trail of all its documents.

Beyond the compliance with standards, Mobility Work CMMS allows to rationalize and to optimize the follow-up of maintenance in the cosmetic sector. This makes it much easier to adopt a TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) approach, which objective is to instill a sense of joint responsibility for equipment maintenance, by giving maintenance operators the means to guarantee the optimal operating condition of machines.

Mobility Work CMMS supports cosmetics industry professionals in the implementation of their TPM program by allowing them to streamline their daily maintenance routines through real-time monitoring. Preventive maintenance plans, maintenance histories, intervention reports on the common newsfeed: data are stored and accessible at any time on all your media via the mobile application. The mobile application is a powerful tool that allows you to send information to managers for quick resolution, and allows service technicians to enter their service reports in real time or to consult documents or service history directly from the field.

In addition, by using anonymized data analysis of all machines in the community, Mobility Work enables all of its users to move toward predictive maintenance, the most effective maintenance strategy.

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 Preventive maintenance management
 Intervention planning
 Dynamic analytics dashboards
 Mobile version at no extra cost (iOS and Android)
 Community of maintenance professionals from the cosmetic industry and many others

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