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Find here many articles that will help you to improve your industrial maintenance processes and to set up maintenance plans adapted to your company and to your production modes.

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Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance is an important sector of activity for factories and production sites. It has a direct impact on their productivity, but also on the quality of production and on the safety of the teams.

Good maintenance management makes it possible to reduce downtime for machine and equipment maintenance and to carry out maintenance work in such a way as to cause the least possible disruption to the work of production teams.

Industrial maintenance has undergone several evolutions over time. After corrective maintenance (palliative or curative), preventive and then predictive maintenance have appeared in order to anticipate machine breakdowns and malfunctions and to avoid unexpected production stoppages. Self-maintenance techniques, or autonomous maintenance, have also been developed to enable production operators to maintain the equipment they work on themselves.

Technological progress, and in particular the emergence of new computer tools, software and applications, have greatly contributed to the improvement of industrial maintenance management methods and their optimization. The Excel spreadsheet, for example, has enabled better monitoring of maintenance operations. Software specifically dedicated to this activity then appeared, making it possible to use a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

If traditional CMMS software are too often complex to use and very expensive, a new CMMS solution like Mobility Work gives all companies access to the most advanced methods of maintenance management, including preventive and predictive maintenance. Our application, available on computer and on smartphone or tablet, is thus easy to adopt and to use. It is available in SaaS mode and does not require a significant investment. In addition, it offers many features that allow to optimize the industrial maintenance of all types of companies, regardless of their sector of activity.