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Discover our series of podcasts on CMMS and maintenance! We discuss various current topics: how to manage maintenance in times of pandemic, how a next-gen CMMS can help maintenance professionals in the pharmaceutical industry or the medical sector, etc.


Mobility Work is a community-based platform for maintenance management, through which we want to encourage the exchange of information and the sharing of experiences within the maintenance community in general, and between different entities of the same industrial group in particular. Through these podcasts addressing different topics related to maintenance and CMMS, we participate in this experience sharing between maintenance actors. 

Our mobile CMMS application is aimed at all maintenance professionals, whether industrial, real estate or other. Our customers belong to a wide range of sectors, from metallurgy to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and construction. 

Operating according to the same principles of ergonomics as the applications we use on a daily-basis, it is very easy to take in hand and to use. At the same time, it offers all the functionalities necessary to the management of elaborated maintenance plans, whatever the applied strategy (corrective, curative, preventive, forecasting, predictive…).

Moreover, Mobility Work is a more economic and flexible solution that is adapted to the new technologies offered to maintenance professionals, compared to older CMMS solutions. Operating in SaaS mode, it does not require a significant investment. Available in a 100% mobile version, it can be used from any connected device such as a smartphone or a tablet. Finally, based on the Cloud and Big Data oriented, it allows to turn to predictive maintenance using IoT thanks to sensors located on machines and equipment. 

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