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Find here our articles on preventive maintenance: what are the benefits of this maintenance strategy, how to set up a preventive maintenance plan, what are the advantages of next-gen CMMS to adopt preventive maintenance?

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Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is increasingly used by companies, especially in the industrial sector. More efficient than curative or corrective maintenance, it offers many advantages to improve plant productivity by reducing the frequency and average time of production stops for maintenance activities.

Implementing a preventive maintenance plan extends the life of industrial equipment and improves productivity by reducing the probability of unexpected breakdowns, while facilitating the work of maintenance technicians. By anticipating the wear and tear of machines through the implementation of a schedule or the monitoring of their state of degradation, it helps avoid their immobilization during unforeseen incidents that are very damaging to the productivity of a plant.

This type of maintenance can also meet certain regulatory requirements or manufacturers’ recommendations applicable to a production tool. This is why preventive maintenance is becoming increasingly popular with companies, for example for the maintenance of hydraulic systems, medical devices or in the cosmetics sector.

Whether you choose a systematic or conditional preventive maintenance strategy, a next-gen CMMS is the most effective tool for managing the planning of teams and service providers, anticipating malfunctions and breakdowns, managing the fleet of machines and spare parts inventories, and offering better equipment availability. Creating a preventive maintenance plan becomes much easier with the mobile CMMS application Mobility Work, thanks to its ease of use, its community-oriented operation and the use of Big Data. Moreover, this solution allows to prepare for predictive maintenance, the most efficient maintenance strategy, made possible today by the diffusion of IoT.

You will find here resources to understand the different levels of predictive maintenance, advice on what actions to take to adopt this strategy and how to have effective maintenance plans. You will also discover the advantages of the next-gen CMMS to optimize the management of maintenance, whether it is carried out internally or by external maintenance service providers, within large industrial groups as well as in VSEs and SMEs. You will also understand the advantages of a CMMS with community operation for the implementation of preventive maintenance plans whatever your work environment. Eventually, you will discover how to simplify the management of your maintenance, reduce your maintenance budget and encourage your teams of technicians to respect rigorous processes to improve the quality and follow-up of their interventions.

Choosing preventive maintenance means improving safety within your company, reducing the frequency of breakdowns, increasing the lifespan of your equipment and obtaining significant productivity gains. With a high-performance CMMS adapted to all types of maintenance, it is now much easier to move to the next level and engage your teams in this transition.