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You will find here the testimonies of maintenance professionals who chose to adopt the Mobility Work CMMS to improve their maintenance management. Coming from various sectors of activity, they present their experiences with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, the difficulties they faced and the reasons that lead them to turn to a next-gen, mobile and community-based CMMS solution.

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The professionals who testify here carry out their activity in different sectors: cosmetics, food processing, transport, energy, foundries, sports clubs, medical structures, public services. The maintenance function is what brings them together.

We attach fundamental importance to their feedback, because our objective is to offer an ever more effective tool to these professionals, to enable them to optimize all aspects of maintenance management within their companies.

Moreover, each testimonial from a technician or maintenance manager using our CMMS application underlines its relevance and confirms our choice to offer an agile and community-based solution for sharing experiences within plants, industrial groups or the entire maintenance community that we lead.

As you read through these interviews with various maintenance managers and technicians, you will see how easy our CMMS software is to install and use. It does not require any specific training for maintenance teams, and its design, similar to everyday applications, makes it an intuitive and ergonomic tool that appeals to all new users.

To ensure that our CMMS solution is always the most adapted to the needs and uses of its users, we are always listening to them via our customer support but also by offering them a direct link with our technical teams as soon as they express the wish.

If you are particularly interested in any of these testimonials from maintenance professionals, please contact us to find out more. Our best passport is the word of our users!