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Find here our articles about the advantages of a next-gen CMMS software to improve and optimize maintenance management in your company.

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Today, CMMS is the tool of choice for many companies to manage their maintenance. It is no longer used for industrial maintenance only, but also for facilities maintenance or sports equipment maintenance. It is the appearance of mobile CMMS solutions that has allowed this diffusion, making maintenance management much simpler and more accessible.

For a long time, only large industrial groups used CMMS software because it was expensive, difficult to set up and complicated to use, which meant that teams had to be trained at length. Many companies therefore continued to manage their maintenance using Excel, which was much less efficient but easier to use and to adapt to the needs of its users.

Faced with these problems, new CMMS solutions such as Mobility Work have appeared. Our software aims to make CMMS accessible to all companies, to facilitate the work of all the maintenance teams and to give them access to the latest technological innovations as well as to the most powerful strategies of maintenance. You will be able to anticipate breakdowns, reduce the duration and frequency of machine downtime for maintenance and thus improve the productivity of your equipment and your plant.

Available in web and mobile versions, our application can be used from any connected device. This facilitates the work of maintenance technicians during interventions but also of all services related to maintenance, whether they are in the field, in the office or working from home.

Moreover, our community-based CMMS platform facilitates communication and information sharing within plants and industrial groups, but also with suppliers, service providers and subcontractors outside the company. Our application thus favors a good management of maintenance interventions by allowing a management of spare parts stocks in real time, the consultation and the seizure of the data and the documents necessary to the work of the operators, the implementation and the follow-up of effective maintenance strategies thanks to the dashboards and the analytical tool but also by making you benefit from the power of the Mobility Work community.

If you are a service provider or supplier, you can integrate your catalog in our Hub Supplier solution, which allows you to improve your visibility, share your expertise and get statistical reports.

The numerous functionalities of our CMMS software allow you to apply all types of maintenance plans: corrective, curative, preventive, conditional but also predictive or forecasting with IoT. Thanks to the dashboards, the agenda and the follow-up of interventions, you can elaborate the maintenance plan that best suits each of your equipment or an entire machine park.

Discover all the benefits you will get by adopting a new and innovative mobile CMMS, both in terms of productivity and commitment of maintenance teams. Our SaaS-based application is very easy to adopt and requires no specific training. You can even try it for free!