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Mobile, next-gen and community-based CMMS software

Easily improve your maintenance management thanks to the first community-based CMMS software.

*CMMS: computerized maintenance management system


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According to our users on App Store and Google Play

Join the first community-based CMMS

Mobility Work offers both a CMMS solution (computerized maintenance management system) and a social network dedicated to maintenance professionals and their industrial suppliers: maintenance managers, maintenance technicians, intervention requesters (production, new works…), service providers and industrial suppliers.

Maintenance professionals

Join the 1st community-based maintenance management solution that facilitates the daily maintenance of your machinery.
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Industrial suppliers

Showcase your expertise to the first community of maintenance professionals through the dedicated interface.
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A mobile and next-gen CMMS software

Manage your assets

Thanks to the newsfeed and the equipment sheets, manage your assets easily from the field: equipment, buildings, spare parts, tools…

Manage your maintenance history

We import your maintenance history into your CMMS for free! Consult your documentation at the foot of your piece of equipment by scanning QR codes.

Enter your maintenance operations

Easily enter your work orders (breakdown declarations, repairs, failures, stoppages, etc.) and improve the traceability of your industrial maintenance operations. Follow the activity of your plant in real time from the newsfeed.

Manage your preventive maintenance

Make a successful transition from corrective maintenance to preventive or even predictive maintenance: manage your maintenance plans and anticipate the activity of your department thanks to your maintenance team’s calendar.

Cross-reference your maintenance data

Enrich your CMMS with all your data (ERP software, IoT, sensors) and improve your spare parts inventory management.

Generate statistical reports

Track your dashboards and generate statistical reports around your maintenance activities to improve your decision making.

Improve your communication

Improve your internal communication with your maintenance colleagues, other departments (production, methods, tooling, EHS, etc.) and other plants in the same group thanks to the chat. Participate in the first online maintenance community, and exchange expertise, best practices, spare parts…
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Easily digitalize your maintenance management

Improve the daily life of your maintenance teams with a mobile, intuitive and easy-to-use CMMS.

Manage your machinery by quickly creating your equipment sheets, enter your activity and follow the progress in real time thanks to the newsfeed of your network and plan your preventive maintenance simply.

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Join the first social network for maintenance

Join all the players in your industry in a dedicated ecosystem. Improve communication within your team and your plant, exchange with other maintenance experts on common issues via chat and community search (knowledge, best practices and spare parts) as well as with many suppliers to share their expertise in order to fight against the obsolescence of your machinery.





1 million

pieces of equipment
registered in the CMMS

7 million

hours of maintenance

9 million


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Generate statistics with a ready to use analytical tool

Get reports and generate statistics around your maintenance activity directly from the ready to use analytical tool and dashboard. Improve your decision making, pilot your preventive maintenance and cross-reference data from other systems (ERP, IoT…) thanks to the public API.

Measurable results after 3 months


5 to 10% increase in machine availability


5 to 10% increase in equipment’s life duration
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10 to 20% productivity gains within teams


1 to 2 days of maintenance services saved per month

Frequently Asked Questions on the CMMS

What is a CMMS software?

A CMMS software, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is a computer program designed to facilitate the management of the maintenance of machines and equipment in companies.

What is the purpose of CMMS software?

CMMS software are primarily used to facilitate and optimize the scheduling, the organization and the follow-up of maintenance interventions, to make it simpler and effective, to reduce the duration and the frequency of the periods of machines breakdwons and to improve the productivity of the company.

The Mobility Work application offers additional functions, thanks to its 100% mobile operation and its community platform for maintenance management.

Why implement a CMMS?

Adopting a CMMS allows maintenance managers and their teams to:

  • save time;
  • follow all the interventions more easily and precisely;
  • better control maintenance costs;
  • improve information sharing and communication;
  • implement efficient maintenance strategies to improve the company’s productivity.

How to choose a CMMS?

To choose the best CMMS, you must study the following 4 criteria in priority:

  • the price;
  • the ease of installation and use;
  • the adaptability to your company;
  • the quality of the customer support.
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Join the CMMS

Mobile Community-based Intuitive

Mobile, Community-based, Intuitive

Forget about maintenance management software as you know them. Take your maintenance to the next level and join the community.

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