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Find out here how IoT, combined with a next-generation CMMS, can help you make your maintenance management easier and more efficient with a predictive maintenance plan.

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Industry 4.0 & IoT

Every day, new technologies bring new solutions to companies to optimize their processes and improve their productivity. In the field of maintenance, the IoT (Internet of Things) represents a major advance. Coupled with a next-gen CMMS, it makes it possible to implement predictive maintenance plans that bring maintenance into the 4.0 Industry era.

IoT refers to the interconnection between the Internet and objects, equipment or machines. Direct communication becomes possible between these physical assets and their digital existence. In industrial maintenance, this connection takes the form of sensors placed on machines and linked to CMMS software capable of collecting and analyzing the transmitted data.

Thanks to this data, the state of degradation of the machines can be analyzed in real time and maintenance interventions planned only when they are necessary but before a breakdown occurs. The application of a predictive maintenance strategy therefore represents an improvement over both corrective maintenance, as it enables breakdowns and malfunctions to be anticipated, and preventive maintenance, as it avoids unnecessary maintenance operations.

Managing maintenance with IoT is now accessible to most companies. You just need to be equipped with a next-gen CMMS such as Mobility Work. Available in web and mobile versions, this CMMS application works in SaaS mode (therefore by subscription) and uses the Cloud to collect and analyze the data transmitted by the connected sensors.

Thanks to the precise monitoring of the state of equipment and machines, maintenance managers and their teams of technicians can carry out their mission in a much more precise and efficient way, and focus on their technical know-how to carry out the essential maintenance interventions before a malfunction occurs.

By reading our articles on the subject, discover how the IoT/CMMS 4.0 couple can revolutionize your maintenance management without a major investment, regardless of the size of your company.