Internal audits are important and necessary to guarantee the manufacture of products of the highest quality. However, audits are still considered as quite stressful events and the inevitable “evil” that needs to be endured. On top of it, the auditor is often seen as the “bad guy” and misled with the wrong information.

Ingenious business owners have rapidly understood that finally the only goal of an internal audit is the improvement and its results are essential to the consistency of every single process at the plant. In the search of the best tools to gather, summarize, analyze and deliver important data, companies are starting to integrate more and more their CMMS in their audits.

A next-gen asset management software as Mobility Work significantly eases your audit and delivers all essential data to the auditor in a breath.


Obtain a Quality Certificate Easily

How to Prepare for an ISO Internal Audit?

The most critical point in the preparation process of an internal audit is your competence. You have to be able to know any single intervention that happened at your plant, the status of the equipment and much more. A smart maintenance application can do all this for you. It stores all relevant data to give essential insights into assets’ health and performance parameters.

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A key part of audit preparation is to select the right team. These should be employees familiar with audit techniques and knowing the capacity of the CMMS. Depending on the performance parameters, it should be defined how often the process should be observed. Scheduling your audits and announcing the schedule to the team will make them define when to finish with the implementation of all planned improvement strategies and quality checks.

Mobility Work can support you through this process and help you to pass your audit successfully. It is a vital tool when it comes to ensuring that a company’s manufacturing, service and documentation processes have met the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.


5 Ways to Succeed in Internal Audits & Achieve ISO Certification

Attach documents to records

With Mobility Work, you can upload all essential documents as checklist, images, safety procedures and intervention plans to verify that procedures have been correctly implemented.

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Generate Data from the CMMS

The smart maintenance application Mobility Work collects data from sensors mounted on the equipment, combine them with pre-existing data as spare parts inventory information and latest interventions to generate powerful reports. Predictive maintenance has become a precondition for success in today’s highly competitive market.

Create Transparency

History of work, all completed and ongoing interventions and spare parts can be easily tracked with Mobility Work for every single piece of equipment. Previous failures and improvement strategies can be carefully analyzed. Furthermore, the records show who did the work, how long it took and the associated documentation. This helps you to provide auditors with a traceable history of your maintenance strategy and also justify that the plant is functioning in accordance with the ISO standards.

Ensure quality and safety procedures

By documenting all interventions, a next-gen asset management software can deliver a data record verifying that all safety inspections and tests have been done on time and all malfunctioning equipment have been fixed or replaced.

Track accidents and employee health

A next-gen CMMS will support you in the establishment of effective preventive and predictive maintenance strategies to ensure compliance with all safety and quality regulations.


Can You Achieve an ISO without an asset management software?

Yes. You could. But it will be extremely time-consuming since you have to collect, coordinate and properly present tons of paperwork. And this is the best about Computerized Maintenance Management Systems – the documentation takes care of itself and it can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any smart device.

Mobility Work’s ISO Audits Successful Stories – FMGC and Bericap

Recently two leading French companies have obtained their ISO certifications thanks to the next-gen asset management software.

FMGC is the European leader in the manufacture of cast iron counterweights, also producing innovation ballast solutions for the MRE (Marine Renewable Energy) sector. During the last 3 years, Mobility Work has significantly improved the maintenance procedures and contributed to the better performance cycle of the foundry. This is an extract of the ISO audit’s record presenting the status of the most relevant equipment and procedures. The entire data and proofs have been “pulled out” from Mobility Work.

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Bericap is a part of the globally acting manufacturer of plastic closures. Bericap France has adopted Mobility Work in July 2017. The maintenance managers got immediately convinced by the product’s user-friendliness and high effectiveness. In January this year Hubert Marion, equipment, infrastructure, and molding maintenance manager at Bericap France, shared for the Mobility Work blog:

“We successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, during which Mobility Work particularly stood out.”

Read the whole UX article from Bericap

Passing audits represents an important part of a healthy company’s culture. Changing standards, demanding regulations and being able to demonstrate and prove compliance might be challenging. Understanding the final benefits of an internal audit is of critical importance for the continuous improvement of a manufacturing plant. The next-gen CMMS Mobility Work can help maintenance professionals with tracking standards while streamlining maintenance processes in order to successfully pass compliance audits.