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Mobility Work, who are we?

At Mobility Work we believe in the power of communication and community to improve maintenance management. That’s why we have set ourselves the mission of building the first online maintenance community around tomorrow’s maintenance management platform.

The Mobility Work concept, which results from a desire for innovation and performance, and its creation speak volumes about the values that drive us every day.

Mobility Work team
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Our story


A mobile tool to manage its maintenance

Purchase and implementation of a classic CMMS software for an industrial group, which fails. Faced with the absence of an adequate solution on the market, the idea of creating a solution adapted to the daily problems of technicians is launched: this is the starting pitch of Mobility Work.


The first social network for maintenance

First brainstorming around the solution. The first idea of Mobility Work was that of a simple mobile tool to manage its maintenance. The second idea appears quickly after: creating the first maintenance social network.


Development of the application

Beginning of the development. Mobility Work is incubated within the industrial group in which it was born, which becomes its first customer, and the application is adopted in 3 months by the group’s users.


Mobility Work is born

Mobility Work officially sees the light of day in May, and the app welcomes its first users. By October, 100,000 pieces of equipment are registered on the platform.


The first customers

The first customers from large international groups are trusting us. By the end of the year, the number of registered equipment doubled.


Thousands of users

The community already has 5,000 users and 15 contributors, and the two million hours of recorded maintenance has been surpassed.


Launch of Mobility Work Hub

Creation of Mobility Work Hub, the platform dedicated to industrial suppliers.


Mobility Work continues to grow

The community of users expands: new large groups from the CAC40 join the CMMS and major players in the distribution and manufacture of equipment and consumables register their catalogues on Mobility Work Hub. The company obtains ISO 27001 certification. The team has 30 employees and the platform records 1 million pieces of equipment and 7 million hours of maintenance.


Mobility Work raises 2 million euros

Mobility Work raises 2 million euros from strategic partners including Farinia and the giant Saint-Gobain to accelerate its commercial development and bring new features to its product.

Mobility Work in figures





1 million

pieces of equipment

7 million

hours of maintenance

9 million


Your contacts

Our company is above all women and men who work hand in hand to exceed the expectations of a demanding clientele in terms of quality and consideration, and that each member of the Mobility Work team strives to constantly satisfy.

Morgane Guinot
Morgane Guinot
Marc-Antoine Talva
Marc-Antoine Talva
Boris Guéry
Boris Guéry
Chief Technical Officer
Bastien Gautheret
Bastien Gautheret
Head of Sales
Frédéric Lefresne
Frédéric Lefresne
Customer Success Manager
Anthony Blanchard
Anthony Blanchard
Customer Success Manager
Shivam Saigal
Shivam Saigal
Account Executive
Ana Alvarez
Ana Alvarez
Customer Care

Our culture, our values


We are constantly looking for new solutions to facilitate the daily life of maintenance teams and improve our platform. We encourage our teams to break with preconceived CMMS standards to adopt an innovative approach: this is what led us to build the first community-based CMMS.

Team spirit

Each employee contributes to the development and the success of Mobility Work in a personal way or in team work thanks to collective intelligence, which allows us to celebrate together our successes and achievements. This team spirit is maintained both internally and in our relations with our customers and partners.


If Mobility Work continues to be enriched on a daily basis, it is thanks to the feedback and the different points of view of our community and the actors we meet. We are thus open to change, to the acquisition of new knowledge and to new challenges as part of our agile operation. This way, we guarantee the open-mindedness, respect and benevolence that our clients, collaborators or interlocutors deserve.

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