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Industrial suppliers: join the first community-based CMMS

Mobility Work Hub is the interface that allows industrial suppliers to connect with the users of the community-based CMMS Mobility Work.

Suppliers, join the platform and put your know-how at the service of the first community of maintenance professionals.

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Why Mobility Work Hub?

More than a CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) aiming at facilitating the daily life of maintenance teams, Mobility Work’s aim is to allow the exchange of information, best practices and advices within the first online community of maintenance experts.

Mobility Work’s community is conceived in a broad sense. In this sense, the platform is open to suppliers (manufacturers of machines, spare parts, consumables, distributors, service providers…) who can refer to it to create their profile, share equipment or services as well as advice and best practices.

Improve your visibility

Share your catalog and make your expertise available to 45,000 CMMS users.

Share your expertise

Guide the community, get approached by potential customers and win new business.

Get statistical reports

Identify your customers’ needs, improve your product design and boost your sales.

Improve your visibility

Share your catalog of references and promote your know-how to the 45,000 users of Mobility Work CMMS (official catalogs). Your products are directly visible by the industrial maintenance teams from the interface of their CMMS software, in a dedicated tab or from the search (web and mobile). Allow users to duplicate your product sheets to improve their data quality and save time.

The CMMS community in figures





1 million

pieces of equipment

7 million

hours of maintenance

9 million


Share your expertise

CMMS customers can contact you directly by email or chat if they need advice or information on a reference. Advise them on spare parts and consumables adapted to your products. Share your technical documentation, exchange with your customers on their problems and help them fight against the obsolescence of their machines and improve their productivity and availability. Exchange with potential customers and win new markets.

Connect with a qualified audience

Get statistical reports

Get marketing data on your potential leads from your dedicated dashboards: number of leads, clicks, impressions and duplications of your product sheets. Number of breakdowns, most frequent breakdowns, number of spare parts used… Identify your customers’ needs, improve your product design and boost your sales.
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Frequently asked questions about Mobility Work Hub

Which suppliers can join the platform?

The Mobility Work community makes it possible to reference all the professionals of the industry relevant for the users of the CMMS community: distributors, manufacturers of machines (equipment manufacturers, OEMs), suppliers of spare parts and consumables, service providers and innovative industrial solutions, industrial financing solutions…

Why join Mobility Work Hub? What are the benefits?

There are multiple benefits for suppliers:

  • connection to the first online maintenance community
  • a better knowledge of the market
  • a powerful tool for your visibility and your prospection
  • the possibility to offer a better quality product or service to your users, as well as a better customer service.

What are the advantages of Suppliers' catalogs for CMMS users?

The advantages of having supplier catalogs directly integrated into the CMMS for maintenance technicians and maintenance managers are multiple:

  • Maintenance teams no longer waste time creating their equipment and assets manually, they can duplicate the manufacturers’ references in one click from the CMMS web version or mobile application;
  • They can access the product sheets in the catalog, which are filled out and updated by the manufacturers themselves: description, technical information, documentation, etc. This information sharing between maintenance teams and suppliers helps to fight against the obsolescence of their machines, equipment and spare parts;
  • CMMS users can exchange with their suppliers through their daily work tool, and thus extend their customer relationship: if they have a question or need advice on the use of a product, the Chat function allows them to discuss with the supplier. To learn more about a product, the Contact function allows you to send an e-mail.

How much does it cost to access Mobility Work Hub?

The fixed price of Mobility Work Hub is 500 € / month (access for 5 users). This includes:

  • unlimited product import
  • access to support (import guided by our team)
  • a promotion of your services to our community (communication package).

How do I sign up for Mobility Work Hub?

To be referenced on Mobility Work, contact our team for a free call.

User profiles: they use the Mobility Work Platform

Discover the user profiles of the Mobility Work platform: maintenance managers and technicians, intervention requesters and suppliers.

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Interact with your audience

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