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45,000+ users have joined the Mobility Work community

A CMMS adapted to your needs

Mobility Work is a CMMS software (maintenance management system) adapted to the needs of all types of companies, whatever their size or their sector of activity thanks to its user-friendly interface.

The Mobility Work software offers a large number of functionalities to optimize the follow-up and the reporting of the maintenance interventions, and its community aspect facilitates the sharing of information within the teams.



Simplify the day-to-day work of your maintenance teams with a CMMS software that requires no training or installation: track the status of your assets in real time and easily enter your interventions.

Mobility Work’s key features

Import your data for free

Import all your data easily and for free (equipment list, spare parts list, maintenance history, etc.) from any database (Excel file, old CMMS software, ERP, etc.).

Easily manage your equipment fleet and stocks

Managing your assets has never been so easy and intuitive thanks to the quick integration of your data, the newsfeed and the equipment sheets. These data are fully customizable with the tagging system to generate fine analyses of your data.

Visualize and manage your stocks

Track the flow of spare parts, modify or replenish your stocks, find the location, the unit price, the minimum stock … Thanks to the mobile application of the CMMS software Mobility Work, manage your stocks from the field: follow the state of your stocks, and update your inventory by scanning directly the QR code of the concerned part.

Manage your intervention reports

Need to work on a piece of equipment? Select it with the quick search or a QR code, describe the intervention with the voice dictation tool, add a photo, categorize the information with the labels and assign a technician. Notify responders, and find the information on your company’s newsfeed.

Access all your information from the field

Quickly and easily access electrical diagrams, plans, photos, videos attached to an equipment sheet or a maintenance intervention. Thanks to QR codes, make this information available to technicians in the field through the mobile application (iOS and Android).

Continue to enter interventions (tasks and activities) in your CMMS software, even if your mobile device is no longer connected to the network thanks to the Internet thanks to the offline mode.

Add checklists and take meter readings

Use maintenance checklists to perform inspections, establish compliance reports, or perform interventions and track their progress: electrical consignment operations, regulatory controls, 1st level maintenance, etc. Improve your field monitoring by integrating different counters (electrical, mechanical, production data, etc.) to increase accuracy.

Access your agenda

The agenda functionality of Mobility Work CMMS allows to visualize the activity of a technician, a team or a piece of equipment thanks to its dedicated schedule: late, planned or completed tasks, which can be filtered by date ranges, labels… The administrators have a planning functionality.

Ultra-reactive multilingual support

Our solution is very easy to use. But if you have any questions, our customer support team is available to answer all your questions as soon as possible: questions about use, your plan, etc.

Make a successful transition from corrective to preventive maintenance, and improve your decision making with a turnkey analysis tool to quickly create maintenance reports.

Main features

Plan your interventions

Easily plan your maintenance operations thanks to the maintenance plan and agenda functions: program a duration, associate a technician or a group of technicians, tag your operations, integrate your maintenance ranges and reschedule your operations.

Manage your maintenance plans

The planning of your maintenance operations guarantees the follow-up of maintenance operations and the traceability of each operation, particularly useful in case of audit. Create maintenance plans based on a calendar or a measured counter value.

Analyze your activity in real time and generate reports

Access a set of turnkey, dynamic and easy-to-use dashboards that allow maintenance managers and decision-makers to obtain real-time information. Use filters to generate reports for team meetings. Track the status of your tasks, the evolution of your counters…

Analyze the evolution of your interventions

Repair or invest? Analyzing elements such as the costs related to equipment maintenance (providers, spare parts and internal labor) or the evolution of costs will help you make the right decision.

Analyze inventory management and manage your stocks

Optimize the management of your spare parts flows thanks to the dedicated dashboard: filter according to several criteria (period, actor, labels, cost center …), visualize the quantities replenished and the outgoing stock. The table dedicated to cost analysis allows you to visualize your expenses in spare parts or labor at a glance.

Integrate your CMMS with other systems: ERP, MES, IoT, BIM, PDCA, etc.

Connect your ERP or other systems (MES, IoT, BIM, PDCA, etc.) to Mobility Work in order to enrich your CMMS software, and improve your spare parts management, orders and internal communication.

Improve your internal and multi-site communication, and connect to the first community dedicated to maintenance professionals and their industrial suppliers.

Main features

Improve your internal and multi-site communication

Improve communication within your team, between the different departments of your company or between the plants of your group thanks to the community chat: exchange with your colleagues concerning your common equipment in all simplicity. Administrators, benefit from a multi-site access to switch from one network to another.

Invite intervention requesters and providers

Production and Service Provider profiles are not charged. Add as many technicians as you want and improve the reactivity of your maintenance department by immediately reporting breakdowns in your network news feed.

Manage the confidentiality of your data

Choose the degree of confidentiality of all your data (equipment, spare parts, documents, etc) at any time. Keep it private, share it only with your group, or make it public for the entire Mobility Work community to enjoy.

Join the first social network for maintenance

Anonymously interact with a community from all industries to share best practices, expertise, supplier reviews, spare parts, and more! Interact anonymously with the Mobility Work community around your daily issues and benefit from the power of the community.

Access the product sheets of the Suppliers Catalogues

At Mobility Work, we allow each supplier (manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, distributor, service provider….) to insert its catalogue of references. The aim to allow you to find the reference and its official documentation in a few minutes, and to fight against the obsolescence of your machines. Exchange via email to get the most qualitative information possible.

View the contracted and updated prices of your suppliers

If you have agreed on contracted prices with your suppliers in the official CMMS catalog, find these updated prices in your spare parts inventory thanks to our API.

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User testimonials


« Maintenance setup times have decreased by 50%, operation times by 15%, and machine availability has increased by 10%. »

Hervé Gestas

General Manager of Setforge


« Mobility Work is for us a real game-changer, which is part of our operational excellence policy. »

Jérôme Sawicki

Director of Operations Performance at L'Oréal


« Mobility Work allows us to make better decisions and to better direct the industrial management of the factory. »

Pierrick Pincemin

Head of maintenance at FMGC

Best for Administration This is fast working software then others ☺This software helps us at business online and widely carring our business ☹This very nice software then others software of market or compnies
Kazim H.
Kazim H.
Juillet 15, 2022.
Utilisation mobility Work ☺Facilité d'utilisation, Création d'équipements simple ☹Difficulté de connexions et d'import de documents quelque fois
guillaume R.
guillaume R.
Juillet 6, 2022.
Awesome positve ☺easy to use on iPhone and iPad and android ☹sometimes when trying to search for something it shows way too many results
Art B.
Art B.
Juillet 5, 2022.
Nosotros estamos bastante satisfechos con el software. Con Mobility ha mejorado la implicación del personal, el orden en el almacén, hemos llenado de códigos QR las máquinas, el acceso a la información es total, en las auditorías se puede mostrar la información más rápidamente, etc. ☺Lo que más me gusta del software es lo visual y sencillo que resulta, cualquier persona puede utilizarlo. También es muy interesante las Tags para realizar filtros. Poder estar online con las tareas facilita las cosas. ☹Se podrían mejorar algunas cosas. Cuando hay cambio de versión, a veces deja de funcionar algo y pasan unos días hasta que vuelve. Creo que se debería de mejorar el cuadro de mando. Se deberían de tener indicadores como el MTTR y el MTBF, así como % de averías. Para ello necesitaríamos poder meter las horas de utilización.
Miguel Ángel L.
Miguel Ángel L.
Juillet 5, 2022.
La simplicité pour tes taches complexes Très agréable ☺-Prise en main -Fonctionnalité -Simplicité du produit ☹-Pas de diagramme de Gant -Trop d'information sur le fil d'actualité
Julien V.
Julien V.
Juillet 5, 2022.
Mobility Work Examen Super ☺La simplicité, et le professionnalisme de la Gmao ☹Pas de point faible pour le moment bonne gmao
Renaud V.
Renaud V.
Juillet 5, 2022.
Facil de usar Control del mantenimiento y de los preventivos muy satisfactorio ☺La facilidad de uso en relación a otros programas más completos pero mucho más complejos. No tiene funcionalidades que no usas ☹Si se pudiera integrar de alguna manera para que desde SAP se obtuvieran datos sería la bomba
Joaquín G.
Joaquín G.
Juillet 5, 2022.

Frequently asked questions about CMMS

I already have a CMMS, how do I know if I should change it?

What do your technicians think about it? Do they fill it in easily and do you take decisions out of it?

Does it give visibility on planning & scheduling, curative vs. preventive, costs and time spent per equipment and cost center? Is it a real communication tool for your teams? Does it provide optimization and standardization opportunities in your group?

Answering these questions should allow you to analyze the rate of use and the relevance of your current tool, and therefore possibly guide you towards a change project.

From which monthly budget is it possible to use the Mobility Work CMMS ?

You can start using Mobility Work from 30 €/month. On average, Mobility Work clients are reducing plant downtime by 10%, saving 50% of the teams time on preparing interventions and 15% on their spare parts budget. Benefits are usually witnessed after 2 months of use. Mobility Work offers 3 pricing plans according to your needs. The cost is a cost per user so you can start with just a few paying licences and add as many free intervention requesters and service providers profiles as you want. There is no set up cost at all or hidden costs.

How to deploy the Mobility Work CMMS quickly ?

With Mobility Work, you can import all your historical data in a demo account for free in less than 2 days and your teams can be trained in a few hours, after a free demo that we can schedule for example. 75% of Mobility Work customers start working with our CMMS after their 7-days free trial.

How to deploy the Mobility Work CMMS efficiently without a project manager dedicated to the deployment of the solution ?

Mobility Work works with different partners who can help you in Project Management and implementation.

How can I convince my teams to opt for a CMMS tool, or to change?

Over 35,000 maintenance people, independent and inhouse, have organically adopted Mobility Work. It’s an open and supportive community. This number has grown virally between friends and colleagues who find it to be a very intuitive tool. The user experience is extremely smooth. Most Mobility Work customers start using the tool with few people (methods teams for example) and on a little perimeter (ex: toolings).

Why would I share with the community?

You do not have any obligation to share. You can always choose to set your information to public or private. Most of our customers come to share information during the first 3 months as they quickly realize the benefits and solutions brought by the community.

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