All companies big and small share certain basic needs: visibility, good management, funding, CMMS tools… Each on their own scale, they regularly redefine their needs in order to achieve their core business: the sale of their products or services. A company’s needs are constantly evolving with market trends and changes in company strategy.

Quality and efficiency are the name of the game as companies seek new ways to streamline operations: recruiting experts, buying new tools or implementing a next-gen management solution. In the industrial field, this means acquiring and maintaining the machine park or recruiting qualified maintenance personnel, an essential part of any plant since they ensure the sustainability of production. A well-maintained machine park improves a company’s daily technical and economic output as well as the quality of its products. 

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Mobility Work CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is an Industry 4.0 mobile SaaS tool that helps companies simplify and ensure a steady production flow. This community-based platform especially helps the maintenance department manage their daily workflow.


Identifying Maintenance Issues

Internal communication is the pillar of collaboration between the company’s various departments. Thus, with the arrival of next-gen solutions offering better communication, companies want to deploy a CMMS software that can meet all their maintenance needs as well as simplify communication. Asset tracking, activity traceability or compatibility with other software are a few non-negotiable points for a company.

cmms equipment sheet

All the information related to the equipment is available from its dedicated sheet in maintenance management application Mobility Work: description, image, documents, preventive maintenance plans, etc. 

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Asset tracking


Identifying and making an inventory of all the assets is a recurring challenge for the maintenance department since a company’s machine park is often composed of hundreds of -sometimes identical- machines who are only identifiable by their location and their nomenclature. It’s difficult for a service provider to go directly into the field and find the correct machine to operate on. That’s why it is necessary to track all assets within a single application which rationalizes maintenance professionals’ work.

Even today there are still many companies which monitor their operations on paper or in Excel and don’t have access to the machine data from the equipment they work on: human error, loss of information and unproductive travel are all too common.

Next-gen CMMS, just like Mobility Work, were created to help factories overcome the challenges linked to maintenance management. These solutions offer new and innovative features to overcome difficulties, monitor assets and simplify the teams’ daily operations.

By adding NFC chips or QR codes to their machines, users can simply scan the code to access the equipment sheet, automatically launch interventions or even view maintenance plans. In a nutshell, QR code technology significantly reduces the risk of adding a task to the wrong equipment and optimizes documentation of the intervention.

Thanks to these solutions, users can save the GPS coordinates of a machine in the app so that other members of his network can display it on a map and get there easily. In short, geolocalization helps technicians rationalise their travel according to their tasks. 

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An auditor carefully inspects the degree of traceability of a company’s activities. Traceability is an essential part of any company since it affects operations, transparency and results. Consequently, a lack of traceability leads to confusion and poor communication between different departments. From a maintenance point of view, this increases the risk that intervention requests fall through the cracks and aren’t processed which would be harmful for the whole company.

Mobility Work’s features, inspired by social media, aim to simplify the follow-up and traceability of maintenance activities. As a result, teams can view all their network’s latest news in real time using the newsfeed. This feature regroups and keeps a record of all network information: intervention request, maintenance activities and tasks, uploaded documents, etc. Any user can login to make a note of all the tasks he or she completed that day and view the tasks completed by their colleagues. Users can decide at any time, whether they wish to share their information with their factory, industrial network or even the entire Mobility Work community.

maintenance management newsfeed

Keep up with all your factory’s news and make your decisions in real time thanks to Mobility Work CMMS’ newsfeed!

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In addition, users can access the complete history of operations performed on each equipment in order to improve visibility and facilitate communication between the different technicians that work with the same machines. Due to the nature of his role, the maintenance manager must be able to monitor both the equipment and the activities of his team: thanks to Mobility Work, the newsfeed with a record of all his teams’ activities is only one click away.


Using powerful tools

Every department in a company relies on a different set of tools to manage their daily activities. Just as these departments must work together for the success of the company, their tools must be able to communicate and exchange data with each other. 

While there is no such thing as a perfect solution, capable of satisfying a company’s every need, most CMMS software can interface with other specialized management systems to offer a more flexible and comprehensive solution. Integrations help expand the maintenance management software’s list of features by interfacing it with other software such as ERP, purchasing systems or even HR systems. 

In the industrial field, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the most common systems used to manage all the company’s information and informational processes. A major advantage of integrating an ERP is the real-time data exchange. It centralizes information and, therefore, improves response time for maintenance issues. For example, this integration makes it possible to extract all spare part information from the financial department, purchasing department and inventory in real time to get an overview of the spare part situation directly within the CMMS application. Both ERPs and CMMS’ are necessary for a company’s success.

Next-gen CMMS users streamline the use of their data thanks to API integrations, universal computer connectors that enable a software to exchange data with other software, such as computerized maintenance management software. 

The advantages of using API integrations are:

  • no more double data entry;
  • faster updates;
  • better data quality;
  • automatically generated reports;
  • optimized processes thanks to data updates;
  • easy data recovery;
  • near instant access to data for increased visibility;
  • centralized information;
  • fewer paper documents thanks to electronic storage.

Mobility Work can be customized using API integrations to centralize and exploit all the available data. It can connect to other software in just a few minutes at no extra cost.


Satisfying your needs with a CMMS

Business management revolves around three points: quality, cost and delivery. The quality of a product, its production cost and the delivery time are key issues for industrial groups.

The Quality, Cost, Delivery trio


Quality is a decisive criterion for customers when it comes to making purchasing decisions, which is one of the reasons why it is at the heart of companies’ concerns. Companies must abide by a minimal quality level to satisfy their customers and comply with current standards and regulations. Quality standards can vary from country to country which is why all products must undergo a strict quality control process before being exported.

In order to help companies with their quality control processes, Mobility Work’s checklist feature allows users to create their own checklists. During maintenance interventions, technicians can carry out a quality check of parts and machines by using the checklists. The quality of the machine will naturally influence the quality of the final product. 

Mobility Work also improves the monitoring and accessibility of quality standards by centralizing documentation in the application. In fact, quality standards are indexed in technical reference documents that users can upload to the platform and link to equipment sheets. Once they are uploaded, the documents are freely accessible at any time in the equipment sheet.


Cost and quality are closely linked, in fact costs are directly proportional to quality. As a result, a better quality product generates higher costs than a lower quality product due to the use of more precise machinery, more qualified personnel, etc. A company’s survival hedges on its ability to balance cost management and customer quality requirements.

maintenance management software analytics tool

Mobility Work is provided with an analytic tool to help you analyze all your maintenance data and adapt your strategy.

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Thanks to Mobility Work’s analytics tool, users can monitor the evolution of their cost centers in the dashboard. In a matter of seconds, a maintenance manager can view his team’s expenses over a given period of time and calculate his maintenance budget. Being able to view cost trends helps avoid unpleasant surprises and simplifies financial traceability and transparency.


Delivery is a key factor in the customer experience that is largely based on the speed of machines and manufacturing processes. Any production delay is detrimental to the company’s reputation since it relies on customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, machine failure is one of the main causes of production delays in a factory. 

It is the maintenance department’s responsibility to prevent production delays and keep the machine park running smoothly by relying on a CMMS. The simplicity of a SaaS application saves the maintenance department a lot of time by improving the teams’ speed and response time thanks to optimized data entry and transmission. Technicians are more independent and better informed, they can create tasks themselves and get notifications in real time about the state of the machine park. The time saved thanks to maintenance management solutions boosts productivity and therefore reduces production delays.


Analyzing your maintenance data

Mobility Work, the first community-based maintenance platform, was designed by maintenance experts for maintenance experts. Simple, intuitive and customizable, the application is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

The careful monitoring of assets and activities generates valuable data that Mobility Work’s analytics tool, or dashboard, is able to analyze and make available to its users.

This feature gathers all industrial maintenance data in a single intuitive tool. For users, the analytics tool is essential to their work as it helps them see and track the evolution of their activity as well as the factory’s. Technicians benefit from an overview of their work performance while managers exploit this data to identify the best maintenance strategy (predictive, preventive…) and to optimize existing processes.

The data analysis is done directly in Mobility Work’s dashboard. To make understanding and monitoring data easier, many indicators (equipment intervention time, most active users, etc.) are shown in graph form. Depending on their preferences, users can even choose between several graphical representations (diagram, histogram, etc.).

To make maintenance ever more efficient, this intuitive application optimizes processes and speeds up data entry.